Friday, April 1, 2011

Notes From the Technoground: Will the Iomega SuperHero Really Save My iPhone?
The Iomega SuperHero's superpower is its ability to charge an iPhone and automatically back up its contacts and photos. Is that enough to justify a $69.99 price?
I can define at least three basic types of iPhone users. There are those who faithfully connect their iPhones to their computers, syncing and backing up their iPhones’ content via iTunes. Then there are users who seldom connect their iPhone to their computers, feeling no strong urge to sync or to back up their iPhone’s contents. The last bunch, most users, fall in-between—syncing and backing up only occasionally, but not religiously. (These generalizations are not meant to be all-inclusive. For example, some folks spurn iTunes altogether for alternative software, such as doubleTwist...