Thursday, March 10, 2011

Notes From the Technoground: Can the WD TV Live Hub Media Player Top Apple TV?
With my growing collection of ripped DVDs, I find the WD TV Live Hub media player has plenty of verse, but no chapter. Read on, though, for why I think it's a contender.
I love movies. I even majored in movies in college (granted, my degree had the more erudite title of film studies). I even worked in Hollywood for a couple of years after college. I’ve collected DVDs of many of my favorite films (such as The Third Man), “important” titles (such as Sullivan’s Travels), and lots of plain-old-fun flicks (such as Groundhog Day). There was even a time that I recorded many of the classics from Turner Classic Movies on my DVR and then burned them all to DVDs. By last count, I had about 600 movies on DVD...