Saturday, March 12, 2011

Computer Shopper: How We Test Tablets
Methodology developed, script written, and How We Test docs written by Daniel A. Begun
Computer Shopper uses rigorous, repeatable methodology to test the tablets it reviews. Find out how we do it, and learn more about what the test results mean.
Here at Computer Shopper, we test hundreds of products a year, including a whole host of tablets in all shapes and sizes. All of them are given an Editors’ Rating based on price, performance, and features, as well as other criteria. Price and features are always key purchasing factors, to be sure, but you also need to make sure a tablet has the necessary horsepower to handle the tasks you’ll subject it to. To measure how well a tablet performs, we run a series of industry-standard and proprietary benchmark tests to see how each tablet stacks up against its competitors...