Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Motorola Xoom Review
When the Motorola Xoom became available, it arrived with considerable fanfare. In part, this was because it was the very first Android tablet to ship using the much-anticipated "Honeycomb," or 3.0, version of the Android OS, the first one designed specifically for tablet computers. Until that point, the most recent version of Android seen in tablets had been 2.2 ("Froyo"), the same one you’d find on Android phones. The OS got the job done, but it could not inherently take advantage of the unique features of the tablet form factor—most notably, the larger screen size...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch Review
With the early 2011 refresh of the MacBook Pro family, Apple came out with both guns blazing. Not only is the entire lineup now powered by Intel’s second generation Core i5 and i7 mobile processors (commonly known by its codename, Sandy Bridge), but the new MacBook Pros also feature the brand-new Thunderbolt I/O technology (the official name of Intel’s Light Peak technology)--which supports up to 10Gbps bi-directional communications for high-bandwidth external peripherals, such as RAID arrays and HD displays. And this is on top of an outstanding chassis design, an excellent-looking display, a great keyboard and trackpad, and superb battery life. And don’t forget, even if you’re not a Mac OS fan, you can run Windows on the MacBook Pro--either natively or via a virtual machine...
Interviewed by Small Business Computing as Android tablet "expert":
Mobile Trends: Why Tablets Mean Small Business
...For the time being at least, many observers don't expect tablets to supplant your primary PC, but rather complement it. "I don't foresee the tablet replacing the laptop or desktop computer in the workplace anytime soon," said Daniel A. Begun, author of the recently released Amazing Android Apps For Dummies. "But I do see the tablet quickly becoming a viable alternative to the laptop -- and even the smartphone at times -- for those who need to stay connected when they're away from the office...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dell Vostro 460 Review
Sometimes buying business tech can get reduced to a simple catch-phrase: Just the basics, ma'am. When it comes to desktop PCs meant for small businesses, you need a system that can be relied upon to get the job at hand done: not much more, and definitely not much less. But while this utilitarian approach will serve most business-critical needs well enough, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice a system’s good looks in the process. Take, for instance, the Dell Vostro 460 mini-tower we tested. Configured properly, it can be a performance powerhouse, while its simple and elegant design helps you get your work done in style. But the details are all in the configuring...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Computer Shopper: How We Test Tablets
Methodology developed, script written, and How We Test docs written by Daniel A. Begun
Computer Shopper uses rigorous, repeatable methodology to test the tablets it reviews. Find out how we do it, and learn more about what the test results mean.
Here at Computer Shopper, we test hundreds of products a year, including a whole host of tablets in all shapes and sizes. All of them are given an Editors’ Rating based on price, performance, and features, as well as other criteria. Price and features are always key purchasing factors, to be sure, but you also need to make sure a tablet has the necessary horsepower to handle the tasks you’ll subject it to. To measure how well a tablet performs, we run a series of industry-standard and proprietary benchmark tests to see how each tablet stacks up against its competitors...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Notes From the Technoground: Can the WD TV Live Hub Media Player Top Apple TV?
With my growing collection of ripped DVDs, I find the WD TV Live Hub media player has plenty of verse, but no chapter. Read on, though, for why I think it's a contender.
I love movies. I even majored in movies in college (granted, my degree had the more erudite title of film studies). I even worked in Hollywood for a couple of years after college. I’ve collected DVDs of many of my favorite films (such as The Third Man), “important” titles (such as Sullivan’s Travels), and lots of plain-old-fun flicks (such as Groundhog Day). There was even a time that I recorded many of the classics from Turner Classic Movies on my DVR and then burned them all to DVDs. By last count, I had about 600 movies on DVD...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Amazing Android Apps For Dummies
Written By Daniel A. Begun
Find the Android apps that are right for you so you can have fun and get more done! The popularity of Android apps is exploding and this handy guide helps you sort through the thousands of available applications so you can find the ones that are ideal for you. You'll explore a variety of apps in the areas of entertainment, finance, health, food, music, news, weather, photography, reference, dining out, social networking, sports, travel, and more. Author Daniel Begun helps you navigate through this enormous—and potentially overwhelming—array of Android apps...