Saturday, February 19, 2011

Notes From the Technoground: Take Me to the Soundbar
After living with just my TV's built-in stereo speakers for years, the Harman Kardon SB 16 soundbar gives me a taste of what a better-sounding A/V system sounds like—and the potential headaches that come with it.
According to one of my favorite sci-fi franchises, space is the final frontier. But if you live in an apartment, as I did for many years, you know that space is also a precious commodity that you seldom have much of—especially when so much of that space is occupied by all the accessories that come with having a baby in your home. Even well before my daughter entered the picture, I had to launch a six-month campaign to convince my wife that we should purchase a high-def TV. Although, this was actually less an issue of space than it was cost—at the time (circa 2005), the 42-inch plasma TV I ultimately decided on cost over $3,000. A comparable TV by today’s prices is less than $500. (But even after all this time, it still works like a champ and it’s still our primary TV—so I guess we’ve gotten our money’s worth...