Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Notes From the Technoground: Are Home Theater PCs Still Relevant?
In a world swimming in Apple TV, Roku, and Google TV, I wonder if HTPCs still serve a unique purpose.
One of the items on my endless tech to-do list has to been to set up a home-theater PC (HTPC). Unfortunately, that task has been relegated, of late, somewhere between “vacuum behind the couch” and “start that diet.” But I need to try it—after all, nearly all my music and photos are digital, and I’ve also taken to ripping some of the DVDs I own. While I keep hoping I’ll get around to ripping copies of some of my favorite films, such as The Third Man and Our Man in Havana (I'm a Carol Reed and Graham Greene fan), my almost-3-year-old daughter’s movies keep making it to the top of pile. As such, my current library of rips reads like a best-of list of "Disney movies with princesses in them." But I digress...