Monday, November 8, 2010

Notes From the Technoground: See Live TV on your PC With ivi TV
Upstart ivi TV aims to bring live TV streaming to your computer, and in the process becomes a legal piƱata.
I like to joke that everything I know, I learned from television. Yes, I watched a lot of it growing up—and I have two very distinct TV-related memories from childhood: One is when we got our first color TV; the other is when we got cable. Both events opened up my world to new vistas. For instance, until then, I don’t think I knew that Cookie Monster was blue. And my favorite thing about HBO wasn’t the Hollywood movies, but the short films that played between the movies—if you’ve never seen Ernie Fosselius’s short films, Hardware Wars (a parody of Star Wars) or Porklips Now (a send-up of Apocalypse Now), you’re missing out on some classic spoofs...