Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Notes From the Technoground: Gabbing With a Blue Yeti
Professional-sounding recorded audio and voiceovers for a low price? Not an urban myth, I found, with this $149 USB microphone.
I’ve been told that I’ve got a good face for radio. I also happen to think that I’ve got a voice that’s perfect for silent films. But I haven’t let any of that stop me from making a fool of myself in front of the camera or providing voiceover narration to videos that I’ve produced. These videos are far from professional quality—mostly video product-reviews and tech-tradeshow summaries. With my learn-as-you-go skills in Final Cut Pro, I cobbled the videos together on my own, including shooting, editing, adding effects and titles, and frequently failing miserably at figuring out which codecs I should use to encode the videos when I’m done. (That last struggle will likely be a topic for a future "Notes From the Technoground" column...