Thursday, May 27, 2010

Data Robotics Drobo S Review
The original Drobo direct-attached-storage (DAS) device hit the scene in summer of 2007 and took the tech world by storm. It represented a new paradigm in how you could implement external, redundant back-up storage with much of the same goodness that RAID offers, but without a number of the headaches and the complexity that also comes with traditional RAID solutions. The Drobo still used RAID to redundantly store data across multiple hard drives, but did so using Data Robotics’ own version of it, which it calls BeyondRAID... The primary advantages that Data Robotics’ BeyondRAID has over traditional RAID is that with BeyondRAID you can add and remove hard drives that have different capacities and speeds and from different manufacturers; and you do this while the device is operating--without any downtime--and without needing to do any manual data migration...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Contributed four chapters to Outlook 2010 for Dummies book

  • Chapter 4: The Essential Secrets of E-Mail
  • Chapter 5: E-Mail Tools You Can't Do Without
  • Chapter 6: Conquering Your Mountain of Messages
  • Chapter 14: Big-Time Collaboration with Outlook
About the Contributor:
"Daniel A. Begun is freelance technology journalist and consultant who has worked in the tech industry for nearly 20 years. He has written for CNET, PC Magazine, Computerworld, Laptop magazine, Computer Shopper, and the PC enthusiast site, among others. Daniel is the former Labs Director for CNET, where he ran CNET's product testing labs."
Author's Acknowledgments:
"Daniel Begun wins my endless gratitude for bringing his world-class technological expertise and experienced editorial judgment to the task of revising a significant portion of this edition for me in a period of unusually heavy deadlines. A first-rate technologist, crackerjack journalist, and veteran editor in his own right, Daniel's keen professional eye helped make this book more accurate, readable, and fun. He also helped keep the project on schedule through a complex and unpredictable process. Above all, Daniel is a wonderful colleague and a terrific guy in general, which turns a challenging task like this one into an absolute pleasure. Thank you, Daniel!"