Friday, September 25, 2009

Windows 7 Available Early From Puget Systems
While most of us will have to wait until October 22 to get our hands on the official retail release of Windows 7, it turns out that there are a at least two ways that you can legitimately get an official retail copy of Windows 7 a bit earlier than that. One way is to host an official Microsoft-sanctioned Windows 7 House Party--in which case you will have Windows 7 in your hands by October 10. The other way is to order a Windows 7 system from Puget Systems--where you could have a brand-new Windows 7 desktop or laptop as early as early as October 14...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Intel Core i7 Mobile CPU (Clarksfield) Review
For quite some time now, Intel has been the undisputed leader when it comes to laptop CPU performance. This advantage comes from the fact that Intel has successfully scaled its desktop processor technology for use in the mobile platform. That trend continues with the latest mobile processor platform being unleashed today from Intel: the "Clarksfield"-based Core i7 Mobile processor family and the new PM55 Express Chipset...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ZT Systems Affinity 7334Ma Review
ZT Systems might not be as well-known as Dell or HP—and its desktop and laptop designs aren't as stylish—but the company's utilitarian-looking systems typically offer a greater value for the dollar than the more popular brands. In fact, its systems are sold at places known for discount products, such as Costco and Target. The latest value-minded desktop PC to come from ZT is the Affinity 7334Ma, which sells for $799.99 and is currently available online from (It will also soon be available from and

Thursday, September 17, 2009

HP Announces the DreamScreen Web-Connected Screen
Two days ago, HP let loose with a blitzkrieg of new products, including new laptops, netbooks, and even a new all-in-one desktop PC. The company, however, didn't use up all of its ammunition, as it waited two more days--until today--to launch its final salvo of new product announcements for the fall. And considering that today's product announcement represents a brand-new product category for HP, it makes sense that HP would put a little bit of time between its other announcements and this one, so that this new product wouldn't get lost in the shuffle. Today's product announcement is about the new HP DreamScreen 100 and HP DreamScreen 130 "web-connected screens...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Seagate Turns its FreeAgent Go Drives into NAS Devices Using Pogoplug Technology
Seagate has licensed CloudEngines' easy-to-use Pogoplug network-attached storage (NAS) technology, and has integrated it into the new FreeAgent DockStar network adapter. With a FreeAgent DockStar, you can easily turn any Seagate FreeAgent Go portable hard drive (not included) into a network-attached storage device...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

HP Launches New Laptops, Netbooks, Desktops, Displays, and Media Servers
Today HP announced the details about a bevy of new products that are either available starting now or will be very soon. HP's fall product lineup consists of no less than four new laptops, two new netbooks, a new all-in-one desktop, two new business-class desktops, seven new displays, and two new additions to its MediaSmart media server line of NAS devices...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Techliciousness Blog: DisplayLink Revisited
Back in April, I had to the chance to review a pair of 7-inch, USB-powered, LCDs, meant to be used as secondary displays. Both displays were Nanovision Mimo Monitors and used DisplayLink technology. They were similar in design and function, with the primary difference being that one of them included touch-screen support. Ultimately, I liked the non-touch-screen version, as it provided just enough screen real-estate to make an alternative home for my IM, Skype, and Twitter client apps, as well as the occasional photo or video editing app palette window--therefore freeing up some space on the screen of my primary display. The touch-screen version did this too, but I didn't really have a need for touch-screen capabilities on such a small display, and the non-touch-screen version has a brighter and crisper display...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Presto Instant-On Operating System Review
With the growing popularity of inexpensive netbooks and nettop PCs, the Linux operating system (often installed on the lowest-priced budget units) is reaching a wider audience--although nowhere close to giving Windows or the Mac OS a run for their money (albeit the Mac OS is based on Linux). Some pundits even argue that the Linux OS has finally matured enough to the point where everyday computer users can use it with little trouble. This might be arguable, but the often free or inexpensive nature of the different Linux distributions, as well as the plethora of free open-source Linux applications, makes the OS an appealing option to users on a budget...