Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Network Talk Radio - Interview:
Now Playing: SKYPE...VoIP Internet Telephony and Sooo Much More
For those of you not familar with Skype, you need to listen to this interview about a simple, effective and inexpensive platform to communicate with friends, family and business colleagues. Joining your host Edward Weatherby on the show today is Daniel Begun, Consumer Communications Expert for Skype. Daniel shares with us some of the innovative technologies of the Skype platform and a look at the future of this VoIP, peer to peer communication technology. In addition, Daniel currently writes for Computer Shopper magazine and the PC enthusiast site, HotHardware.com. Daniel has almost 18 years of experience in technology journalism from CNET, ZDNet, Computer Shopper magazine, and PC Magazine. For more information on how to download the Skype program for free and start experiencing it, visit their website at www.skype.com.